Friday, May 01, 2009

Overhead Door Company

Got a problem with a garage door? Maybe you're lucky enough to have Overhead Door in your town. In the past, the biggest problem I had with calling for help was figuring out who to call. Roto-Rooter solved that problem for me for plumbers. Overhead Door solved the same problem for my garage doors.

Much like Roto-Rooter, the person who answers the phone is nice, professional, empathetic and proficient in scheduling an appointment and getting a good description of the problem. The technician calls when he's on his way. He's professional, dressed well, congenial and knowledgeable. I turn him loose and he gets the job done and fixes the problem and also lubes up the door so that it's nice and quiet. It's amazing but simply offering quick service, nice and professional workers and doing the job right consistently is all it takes to set a company apart from its competition.

I asked the last Overhead Door tech how the company is managed, and much like the Roto-Rooter plumber, he told me that the company is selective in hiring and provides ample training to keep up with the technical and customer service sides of their jobs. Good to hear it.

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